Transparent Fees

Our firm understands and respects the hard work you’ve put into earning your money. You shouldn’t settle for a firm that doesn’t see your value. At Strategic Tax & Accounting, we provide solutions that are just right for you, and we won’t surprise you with unexpected fees. Our team will keep you informed about what we’re doing and how it’s affecting your business and finances because you deserve honesty, dependability and transparency.

Income Tax Return Preparation Fees

Our fees are determined annually by reviewing the National Society of Accountants Bi-Annual Fee Survey which surveys thousands of tax preparers nationwide. From tax preparers ranging from unlicensed tax preparers, up to CPAs and Tax Attorneys. Whatever the Alabama average fee was for the prior year in that survey, we reduce it to a round number of $5, and that is our fee. Please see relevant excerpts of that survey here: (NSA Fee Study)

Therefore, there is no guessing at our fees, and we don’t base it on time or how much we think we can charge you after seeing your tax return.  

You always know that with Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC, you will get above-average tax preparation for below-average fees. 

Fee Quotes Before Preparation Work Begins - Each tax return is unique. We can tell you how much your tax return will cost in advance. But to do so, we need to see your prior year tax return, and ask you some questions about any known changes in the current year. We cannot give a one answer fits all type of fee estimate. If you want to know what your tax return preparation fee would be with our firm, please call your local office and get an advanced quote after their review of your prior-year tax return and/or by asking you questions. 

Accounting & Bookkeeping Fees

Recurring Monthly Services Fees 

We base our monthly bookkeeping fee for recurring services including monthly financial statement production, sales tax filings and payroll filings on a fixed monthly fee, so you won’t have to worry about being surprised by your accounting bill.  

We will review the time on each account periodically, or at your request, to ensure the average time spent on each account is consistent with the time budgeted, and then applied to a $100 per hour fee. So you know you are not over paying for the services we provide at an economical and predicable monthly fee. Please see relevant excerpts of that survey here: (NSA Fee Study).

Hourly Fees

For Recurring Monthly Services Fee clients, if there is an additional non-recurring project outside of the monthly service contract, we will bill that project hourly. We will always let you know what that work is, why we must do it, and why it is not included in the monthly services contract, so you will always know what you are paying for, why and how much it will cost, before the work is done.  

For non-Recurring Monthly Service Fee clients, all fees will be based on an hourly rate, but we can give you an advanced estimate of the cost and may come to a set one-time flat fee for appropriate, predictable work. 

Fees for Questions or Concerns

Once you are a client, we will not send you a bill for short email or the phone call requests for simple customer service, tax or accounting questions, or explanations. If your question or concern reaches a level of knowledge or time that requires us to charge you a fee to answer it completely and competently, we will tell you in advance and let you decide if you want us to do the research or analysis required to answer the questions completely and competently.    


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