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Full-Service Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping

We can provide monthly reports through Quickbooks. These are used by many of our clients to analyze their business operations. For those who do not understand how to read those reports, we take pride in being able to explain how to look at these reports so they are more useful to them. Having up-to-date monthly financials is also imperative to obtaining business financing, licenses and home mortgages. Up to date, reliable and accurate financial reports are the building blocks of a stable and successful business. Businesses doing without them can be like flying blind. And makes getting information together for tax fillings and financing applications a fire drill. Let us help you make these reports something that is affordable and reliable without stress and confusion. 

We can also file sales and alcohol tax reports, provide payroll services, complete business licenses, and other filing requirements of business clients.

We offer a Standard Recurring Services fee structure, so you know how much you will pay for these monthly services in advance. For clients who have recurring monthly services we charge this rate for those recurring services, and keep time only so you can request to review the time spent on your account to ensure the budgeted time used to determine your monthly rate is in line with the time being spent, and our target Recurring Accounting Services rate.  

See more on our Recurring Monthly Services fees under our “Transparent Fees” section. 

Hourly Accounting and Bookkeeping

If your business doesn’t want or need monthly accounting services, but you need financial statements annually to file a tax return, or so you can get a license, or get financing, we can do your books quickly and accurately at hourly rates. Having your financial information compiled annually instead of monthly will mean you can’t use that information as the year goes on to make management and operating decisions, and may delay financing applications. But, it will generally result in a lower total cost because it can be done all at one time, with all the information for the year being available, rather than each month.  

See more on our hourly rates under our “Transparent Fees” section. 

Sales Tax

We can file your State and Local Sales Tax and Alcohol-related taxes and ensure you are filing only on sales that require such taxes, and in the proper jurisdictions.  


We will help you analyze if your small business needs payroll, for you as the owner, or for those working for you. We will calculate and issue paychecks, make direct deposits to your employees, file all the payroll tax returns with the federal and state government, and send out your W-2’s and 1099’s. 


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