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Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC was founded in 2016 by Brett S. Sheedy, CPA, JD, LLM, MBA (Bio). Brett observed through his years working in the accounting industry that it had evolved in the 2000s, in a way that was leaving small business, entrepreneurs and individual investors feeling unimportant or overcharged by big firms. And underserved and needing more guidance than can be obtained through online or national chain stores.

Brett set out to create a local relationship-based accounting firm that provides basic tax return preparation, bookkeeping, sales tax and payroll services you need. But with efficient processes and procedures that allow timely delivery with transparent and predictable fees that are appropriate for small business owners, entrepreneurs and individual investors. While also having the knowledge and expertise of a larger firm for those who need it. The result is Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC.

In 2022, Brett was named one of the “Top CEO” finalists by the Birmingham Business Journal and named to the 2022 Birmingham Business Journal’s “Who’s Who in Accounting.”  He was also named one of UAB’s “Top 25 in Business Excellence” award  winners, the third time to be recognized by this award since 2014.  Also, in 2022, Strategic Tax & Accounting LLC was named one of Birmingham’s largest CPA firms in the Book of Lists and one of the largest firms in the State of Alabama by Business Alabama.


There has been a growing gap in accounting services offered from the two fastest growing options, big firms and online. Big traditional CPA firms are increasingly not providing individual tax preparation services or accounting services for small businesses, or only taking them on with fees that are not appropriate for most individuals and small businesses. This leaves them with a choice between small one-man local CPA firms that may not be creative or aggressive enough on tax reduction strategies, and who may not be able to offer continuity if they retire; or doing it themselves through online options.

Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC was created for individuals and business owners who want a local tax preparation and accounting services provider to meet their basic needs at reasonable prices. From a firm that also has the resources and knowledge to provide a local advisor relationship with optional high-level tax planning, tax reduction, business consulting, retirement planning and financial planning. A firm that is large enough to provide stability and resources, while focusing on the common man making a living. Helping them grow their business, financial stability, and wealth, while reducing tax liability.


Strategic Tax & Accounting LLC's mission is to offer high-quality tax preparation and accounting services appropriate for small business owners, entrepreneurs and individual investors for predictable, transparent and consistent fees, delivered in a timely manner. Utilizing the latest technology to maximize efficiency and client convenience, while providing local advisory relationships with highly qualified and experienced professionals to respond to complex tax reduction, business structure, financial, retirement, and estate planning for clients who want advanced professional services. To provide our clients with the information and advice they need to have peace of mind and achieve their own goals in business, finances, life and legacy.

Firm Values 

Clients Matter

We believe that by providing excellent client service and advice, we make a difference in our clients’ quality of life. We believe that by providing those services and advice in an accurate, timely and reliable manner, and being available to interpret that information and provide advice, our clients are given peace of mind, worry less about their current accounting processes and tax obligations; plan for the future, and focus on achieving their business and personal financial success.

Integrity Matters

We believe in being conscientious and operating with professionalism, honesty and kindness; consistently producing quality work at reasonable, predictable, and consistent fees. We believe in accountability, delivering what we promised when we promised, and quickly informing clients of any required changes in what we promised and when we promised it when necessary. And in every situation, with clients, coworkers, or the community, we believe in asking ourselves first “what is the right thing to do?”

Teamwork Matters

We believe in a one firm approach with an open exchange of knowledge and ideas across all levels of our firm. And we believe in a team approach, with each team member taking personal accountability for their work and behavior, completing the responsibilities of their position to the best of their ability, while supporting their coworkers, department, office and the firm in succeeding at their respective goals. We believe that by mentoring and developing others, we can achieve consistent and sustainable success individually and as a group. We believe that by providing opportunity for development and growth of our team members, we can all grow, and better achieve success in all our personal and professional life goals.

Community Matters

We believe in being involved in, and giving back to, our communities. We believe that by sharing our success and being active in our communities, both as a firm and individually, we can make a difference, providing hope and help to those in need.


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Birmingham Business Journal CEO Awards 2022