Business Start-Up & Business Consulting

Starting, Growing and Selling a Business

Are you a business owner or thinking of starting a business?

We can help you choose the proper business entity and help you set it up, along with setting up a bookkeeping system, whether you will be maintaining it or could use our help.

There are a multitude of federal, state and local tax and license filings that small businesses must file initially and on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Failing to file the right forms will result in your getting notices from several different government agencies, and it can be overwhelming. Running a small business binge profitable is challenging enough without also having to learn to be an accountant. We can help you determine what you must file and when, whether you are going to do those duties yourself or could use our help.

We can provide advice, services, and be your sounding board for business start-ups, business restructuring, sales of a business and other business decisions. Out of our owner’s separate law firm, he can set up a business entity LLC, Corporation, or Non-profit Corporation. Then we can then obtain all the necessary tax numbers, such as a Federal Tax Identification Number, Sales Tax Number, or Payroll Account Number.  

See our Transparent Fees section for more information on the cost of Starting a Business.

We can also help you in selling your business, from valuation, to negotiation, to closing.


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