Expert Business Consulting for Startup and Small Business Growth

Starting, Growing and Selling a Business

Are you a business owner, or thinking of starting a business? We can consult you on the best way to get started.

Do you need a business license? If so where and why?

Do you need to form a business entity? If so, what is the best type for you, Limited Liability Company, Small Business Corporation (called an “S Crop”), or traditional Corporation (called a “C Corp”)? If so, what are the positives and negatives, and requirements of each?

As a small business owner, you should be focused on what will make money! Understanding your legal obligations and some terminology is important, but you don’t have to understand every detail of tax and business law, that is why we are here. To help you navigate the right choices for your unique business.

How should you keep your business records? Is just having a separate bank account for the business enough (for many businesses, it is enough)? Should you use bookkeeping software? When is it time to hire accountant to keep the books? When should just pay people by cash or a check, versus starting a Payroll with tax withholdings? Do you need a Business License? Do you need to file Sales Taxes?

There are a multitude of federal, state and local tax and license filings that small businesses must file initially, and/or on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Failing to file the right forms will result in your getting notices from several different government agencies, and it can be overwhelming. Running a small business and being profitable is challenging enough. We can help you determine what you must file and when. And determine if you can do it yourself, or need an accountant.

We can provide advice, services, and be a sounding board for entrepreneurs considering a start-up business, restructuring of an existing business, the sale of a business, and other business decisions.


If you need help with your taxes, accounting, business or retirement, contact us now!
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Birmingham Business Journal CEO Awards 2022
Birmingham Business Journal CEO Awards 2022