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Brett Sheedy, CPA, MBA, JD, LLC

Founder & President

Brett SheedyBrett earned a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and graduated Cum Laude from Auburn University. He went on to obtain a law degree from Samford University on a full academic scholarship, where he served on student government and interned at the IRS. Brett started his career by spending several years at Big 4 accounting firms. He then took a position in Montgomery, Alabama as Assistant Finance Manager for United States Senator Jeff Sessions’ campaign. After the campaign, Brett returned to Birmingham and worked at a prestigious regional law firm as a business law and tax law associate. While working in that law practice, Brett obtained a Masters in Tax Law from the University of Alabama School of Law. After completing the Masters in Tax Law Program, Brett started his own law practice, focusing on business law, small business accounting and consulting, individual and business taxation, and estate planning. In 2011, Brett entered the Masters in Business Administration program at the University of Alabama Birmingham Collat School of Business where he also worked as a graduate teaching assistant. After graduating with honors, Brett joined Birmingham Tax Service, LLC where he created the brand Partners Tax & Accounting, LLC, created its online and social media presence, and served as a Tax Manager. Brett went on to become President, increasing revenue by over 50% over the 4 years he was in that role. In 2016, Brett started the company Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC. Through that company he and his staff provide tax preparation and tax consulting services; and business bookkeeping and business consulting services. Brett also continues to offer estate planning and business law services out of the same offices out of Brett S Sheedy, Attorney at Law, LLC.

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