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“After the death of my husband I found that we owed years of unpaid taxes to the IRS. This was a complete surprise for me and the news was devastating, I had not even had time to grieve. I had no idea what to do or where to even begin to file years of taxes. I was ready to give up when I was referred to Brett by a friend of my daughters. From the first phone call he was understanding, caring, and gave me hope to go on. He was always a phone call away when I had questions and received notices that I did not understand. He and his staff took this burden and handled everything. I can look back now and say that Brett Sheedy was a God sent blessing and truly saved my life.”
Debbie – Indian Springs, AL
“I had Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC do my taxes this year. I had previously done them myself, but was very concerned about the difficulty of my returns this year. I had foreign earned income from being overseas for a year and also had a small business and income from two states. Brett Sheedy and the gang made it all sound so easy. I thought I would be there all morning, but was in and out in 45 minutes. Great job guys! I highly recommend their services.”
Kelly – Lake Mitchell, AL
“I just recently starting doing my business full-time and I reached out to Brett and his team at Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC to help me with all the “tax issues” that I had to be concerned about as a small business owner. I was very overwhelmed with the prospects of all the financial decisions and day to day things that I had to be worried about. Brett took a lot of time with me explaining all the things that I needed to make sure I was doing and he made me feel so much more confident that I could handle it all, especially knowing that he had my back and was there whenever I needed him. If you are looking for a “trusted advisor” that knows his stuff, you need to consider Brett! I highly recommend him and I look forward to leveraging more of his services as my business continues to grow.”
Mike – Atlanta, GA
“My husband and I owed the IRS thousands of dollars in back taxes from a former business. Brett Sheedy of Strategic Tax & Accounting, a highly skilled legal/tax expert, took on our case and saved us thousands of dollars. He spent hours and days meeting with us and speaking on the phone with various IRS agents. On one occasion, he even accompanied my husband down to our local IRS office to personally meet with agents regarding our case to get the matter settled. We are blessed to have had such a caring professional like Brett on our side. He worked very hard to guaranty our success, and we highly recommend him to those with simple and/or complex tax issues.”
Heather – Grayson Valley, AL
“I came to Strategic Tax & Accounting, LLC for the first time to get my 2011 tax return completed.  But, upon reviewing my 2010 tax return, Roger Hartline found that by recharacterizing an IRA transaction and amending that prior year return, I would be due a refund of thousands of dollars.  Originally the IRS refused to send me the refund, and after making several calls to the IRS over the next year and getting no results, I called Strategic Tax & Accounting to help me.  They stood behind their work and Brett Sheedy wrote a letter detailing the transaction and citing the legal basis for the refund.  I got my refund within a couple of months of his letter. Thank you so much taking care of me!”
Robin – Shoal Creek, AL
“Brett and everyone at Strategic Tax & Accounting were extremely helpful and courteous. I am a new small business owner and they put me at ease and made the whole situation very simple to understand.”
John – Birmingham, AL
“I am a small business owner and completely clueless when it comes to taxes and numbers. Brett at Strategic Tax & Accounting was so helpful every step of the way! He broke everything down so that it was easy to understand and made me feel comfortable! He even taught me some things I didn’t know about organizing and documenting all of my information. Not only did it make my life easier, it is information I will use the rest of my life. Brett is super efficient, knowledgeable, reliable, and always quick to help or answer any questions! Thanks Brett!”
Courtney – Homewood, AL
“I would like you to know what a great job Iver Brewer at Strategic Tax & Accounting has done for me and my Husband. I have always hated tax time, but Ms. Brewer has change my mind about that. With other companies in the past, I have had trouble had a problem contacting the person doing my taxes or getting a straight forward response. Not with Ms. Brewer, she always responds to my questions (even if they are “dumb”) and is easy to contact. She just makes the whole tax filing process easier!”
William and Lila – Center Point, AL
“Dan McNaughton at Strategic Tax & Accounting has been my tax preparer for over 20 years. I have had complicated tax issues over the years including multiple states, limited partnerships and investment income. I have also traveled frequently at times. Dan made getting my taxes complete easy and convenient. If I was out of town, I would mail Dan my information and after a short phone call, he would complete my return and send me anything I needed to sign. I have always trusted Dan’s work and in the rare event that anything was challenged, he stood behind his work. I would recommend Dan to anyone who needs good tax advice and service.”
Jim – Birmingham, AL
“My husband and I started getting your taxes done by Dan McNaughton’s father over 40 years ago. Brett at Strategic Tax & Accounting took over doing our return almost 30 years ago. Brett has always done a great job, we have never had a problem, and I would recommend his work to anyone”.
Flora – Huffman, AL

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