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Tax Services

Income Tax Return Preparation

Tax Services - Partners Tax & AccountingWhether you have a simple individual tax return, a small business tax return that does not require a bookkeeper beyond yourself, or a complex multi-state tax return, we will provide quick, convenient and affordable tax preparation. And with the added experience and knowledge to assure you that your tax return is done right and you pay the least amount of tax or get the largest refund you are entitled to under tax law.

We offer direct deposit of your refunds and can deduct your preparation fees from any refund you are due. And our return fees are consistently below the national average as reported by the National Society of Accountants Fee Survey.

Prior Year Tax Filings and Amendments

Are you a few years behind and getting letters from the IRS or state. Or are you not getting letters about failing to file, but you just don’t know whether you owe taxes or are due refunds from those past years? We can help you sleep better at night knowing that you are current and don’t have any unknown tax debts waiting to arrive in the mail, or get back any money you overpaid.

Or have you filed in past years, but think there were mistakes on your returns that cost you money in excess taxes? We can review your return from prior years and make sure you did not over pay.

Tax Disputes with the Federal, State or Local Tax Agencies

Have you gotten letters stating that you owe tax money and don’t understand why, or disagree with their tax assessment? We can help you make sense of these notices and can often reduce or eliminated the additional tax.

Business Taxes

Are you a business owner being drowned by the multitude of federal, state and local tax filings required of you on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis: Sales & Use tax returns, Payroll tax returns, State Unemployment tax returns; Personal Property tax returns, Quarterly Income tax returns, Privilege Tax returns, Business Licenses? It can be a full time job just figuring out what taxes you are subject to, how to fill out the returns, where to file them, and when they are due. When are you suppose to actually do the work that makes you money? We can help you determine what tax returns you must file, to whom and fill out the forms for you so you can go back to what you are in business to do.

Tax Planning

A key element of good tax services is looking ahead, to structure transaction in a way so as to avoid taxes. After the fact tax planning just doesn’t work. By the time the return is due, often what is done is done, and the tax due is due. We can help you in both your personal and business decisions make the decisions that will reduce your taxes. Just call us, we are happy to help.

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