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Why should I use a professional tax preparer?

Even though software programs such as Turbo Tax have made computerized filing much more accessible, taxpayers still must have the knowledge and experience to take advantage of all deductions that are available to them. In addition, tax laws change every year, and it is nearly impossible for a non-tax professional to keep up on all of the federal and state changes.

Another advantage of using a professional preparer is that our professionals will be available to answer your questions all year long. Whether it’s planning your tax situation for future years, updating your quarterly estimates, or guiding you through an IRS audit, you know you’ll be able to contact us. If you need great tax advice and personal service, call us today. We have various locations so we’re convient to the Birmingham Metro Area.

Do you provide regular bookkeeping services?

Yes! Our firm can offer the experience of a “QuickBooks Expert” who is experienced with other accounting systems as well. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or quarterly, in your office or ours, we want to keep your books in shape all year to help you get the information you need to be a success!

The big, national tax businesses say that I can get my refund in one day! It sounds like a good deal. Should I do it?

Beware! Any firm that promises you a refund in one day is going to charge you a hefty fee for that convenience. It amounts to a massive interest rate on your money, and you should steer clear of these traps. Besides, when we prepare your return and file it electronically for you, you can get your federal refund in as little as six to eight days! That’s right, and we don’t charge any extra fee for the electronic filing service.

What are your fees for personal income tax preparation?

Good question! Our fees vary with the amount of complexity of each tax return. We don’t charge a set minimum or maximum and don’t charge on a per-form basis. Our fees are based strictly on the time necessary to complete your return, thoroughly and accurately. There are never any extra or hidden charges, and there is no separate charge for electronic filing. Our fees compare very favorably with the big national tax chains! And remember, with our firm you get the benefit of a CPA with decades of experience and the personal attention that you deserve.

As a new client, what materials will you need in order to prepare my personal tax return?

We’ll want a copy of the prior year’s tax return. We’ll also want your W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, K-1s — all the things you’ve received that say “Important Tax Information.” Additionally, you’ll have to provide information on revenues and expenses from your small business and/or rental property activity if those apply to you. Filling out our tax organizer or using it as a guide is most helpful.

I know that I owe IRS money and I don't have it. Should I wait to file until I have gathered the funds?

No! There is a 5% per month penalty for late filing. It’s easily avoided by filing the tax return itself or by filing an extension, even if you cannot pay the amount due. It’s silly to incur the late filing penalty when you don’t have to.

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