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Bookkeeping Services

We base our bookkeeping fees on a fixed monthly fee or by the task fee, so you won’t have to worry about being surprised by your accounting bill. We don’t charge by the hour or by the phone call, so you will always know what you are paying before the work is done.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Services - Partners Tax & AccountingWe can keep a QuickBooks company file at our location and backed up off sight to protect your financial information. We can pay all your approved bills, invoice your customers and enter all accounting transactions for the company including checks, deposits, and other transactions in your company file. We can properly enter estimates, invoices, credit memos, bills, item receipts, checks, credit card charges, and purchase orders. We can also perform payroll for your employees, do the bank reconciliations for the checking account and enter adjusting journal entries as necessary. And we will provide you with monthly reports of profit and loss to date, accounts receivable aging schedule, accounts payable aging schedule and balance sheet. We can also use this information to file all your various federal, state and local taxes, including sales tax, payroll tax and income tax. And at year end prepare all W-2’s and 1099’s.

Outsourced In-house Accountant

Do you prefer to have immediate access and control over your QuickBooks file? Or has your company gotten too big or too complicated for you to do it on the side and still have time to do the real work of your business, but you just can’t yet justify paying a salary to a full time in-house accountant? Or have you tried to hire an in-house bookkeeper/administrative assistant only to fine they create more work for you and more of a mess in your books than they were worth?

We can perform all of the duties of an outside full service accounting bookkeeper or in-house accountant at your business location. We have knowledgeable and courteous bookkeepers who will come to your location, or log-in to your computer remotely, and do your bookkeeping work for as few or as many hours as you need. And you will also get the knowledge and experience of our entire team who is standing with them when decisions have to be made. You won’t have to worry about training someone, whether their work is correct, paying someone to work for hours when there is nothing for them to do, or their filing for unemployment if you terminate them.

Specific Need Based Services

Do you just have specific tasks related to your bookkeeping that you need addressed. For instance, you only need someone to do your monthly bank reconciliation because you loath doing it, or doing your weekly payroll has become too time consuming, or do you just want someone to file your sales tax or payroll tax returns from number you provide? We can do those specific tasks at a fee that is less than what your time is worth doing other things for your business.

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