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Scott Rutherford

Scott Rutherford

Director of Tax Services

Scott RutherfordScott graduated from the University of Alabama in 1995 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. During Scott’s senior year in college, Scott interned and worked with a local small business, McMillan Associates, assisting the controller with the day to bookkeeping function. After graduating from UA, Scott continued to work with McMillan Associates assuming the Controller position. In the role as Controller Scott maintained all facets of the accounting system. In 2002, Scott transitioned into the financial services industry while still maintaining oversight of McMillan Associates’ accounting system. During his time in the financial services industry, Scott worked with Raymond J Lucia Companies Inc., based in San Diego, and a local company, Nowlin and Associates, providing clients with long term investment planning and asset protection in the most tax efficient manner. After a very fulfilling time providing financial services for clients, Scott decided it was time to return to providing accounting and tax services. In 2012, Scott took on the role of Controller of Five Star Lumber, Inc. and worked as a seasonal tax preparer with Partners Tax and Accounting, LLC. In 2013, Scott joined Partners Tax and Accounting fulltime as a staff accountant and tax preparer. As a staff accounting and tax preparer, Scott provided monthly bookkeeping for several small companies and tax preparation for individuals and businesses. In 2017, Scott assumed the role as Director of Tax and Accounting for Partners Tax and Accounting, LLC Scott joined Strategic Tax & Accounting LLC in 2019 as the Director or Tax Services.

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